Are you interested in adopting a rescued Golden? Below you will find information to help you find that special dog.


The GRROWLS phone number is now toll free: 1-877-GRROWLS (1-877-477-6957)
GRROWLS-NY, Inc. stands for “Golden Retriever Rescue Operated With Love Statewide”!

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A special note about Rescued Goldens:
Although it does happen, we rarely have “perfect” dogs in rescue. Most come to us because they have problems. Those problems could be related to abuse but are more often related to neglect. They simply have not been taught how to be good canine citizens. Often, we get young, strong dogs who are physically full grown but who have received no training. From experience, we know that these dogs can learn as long as their new family gives them the necessary guidance and direction. Love is important, but love alone is not enough. Boundaries must be set and expectations established. Strong human leadership is required.