Puppy Referral
Our club participates in referring puppy inquiries to our own club members who are currently breeding and also refer on to a breeder’s nationwide network sanctioned by the Golden Retriever Club of America for referral of prospective puppy buyers to qualifying area breeders. These breeders abide by the Golden Retriever Club of America’s Code of Ethics. Please go to our membership page to click on the GRCA link for more information and to review the GRCA’s Code of Ethics.
Puppy Referral Contact

Contact: Kathy McLaughlin-Wager, 26 Brookview Dr. Schenectady, NY  12303Telephone: (518) 982-0006
Email: Kwager1@cs.com

If you are planning on purchasing a puppy in the near future please click on the link below with important information on health issues of the Golden Retriever, with examples of what a health clearance should look like. All the paper work that is given to a buyer can be very confusing but it is very important to require health clearances from the seller. That way your pup has a much better chance of living a long and healthy life.
Click Here for Information on Required Health Clearances for Golden Retrievers




The Northeastern NY Golden Retriever club’s (NENYGRC) puppy referral program is run under the guidelines of our parent club the Golden Retriever Club of America (GRCA). While NENYGRC encourages each member to uphold the GRCA’s Code of Ethics, the Board of Directors CANNOT be responsible for total enforcement. It is the Potential puppy buyer’s responsibility to insure that all paperwork with regard to clearances and pedigrees are available for review. Potential puppy buyers are encouraged to contact the NENYGRC Puppy Referral Service to determine if a litter has been listed for referral. Our current Puppy Referral person is Kathy McLaughlin-Wager and she is the only authorized representatives of NENYGRC’s puppy referral program. Referrals from any other club members should not be considered valid and approved referrals of NENYGRC. Buyers also are reminded that NENYGRC cannot guarantee the quality or health of any puppy purchased as a result of a referral from its Puppy Referral Service.